Ceramic Essential Oil Diffuser Recommended for Healthy and ECO Friendly Way of Life

Ceramic Essential Oil Diffuser Recommended for Healthy and ECO Friendly Way of Life100ml ceramic essential oil diffuser AN-0517 is a great one for healthy and eco-friendly lifestyle. Made with handmade ceramic, and with luck bottle appearance design, it is incredibly beautiful and luxurious feeling. It will instantly elevate the décor of any space with its incredible visual appeal.

Work with different essential oils, filled your room with health benefiting aroma, the essential oil diffuser ensure you enjoy a more pleasant day, a better sleep at night and scent of a healthier living.

Best things of this Ceramic oil diffuser

    • Luck bottle appearance design – The luck bottle design let people feel lucky and happy.
    • Ceramic material, make diffuser more stable and elegant. Enjoy a ceramic build that’s as pleasant on the eyes as it is to touch.
    • Mist modes:
      • 1st stage–continuous mode:Green light: mist emits continuously automatically turn offs after 3 hours
      • 2nd stage–intervals of 30 seconds mode:Orange light: mist emits at internals of 30 seconds automatically turns off after 6 hours
      • 3rd stage–power off:No light: mist off.
      • Safe – The interior pieces are made of BPA free rubber, which is important especially for use in a diffuser where the plastic comes in contact with water – you don’t want harmful plastic particles to leak into the water that you’re misting into your surrounding air!
      • It’s quiet. Yes, there is a bit of a white noise sound as with all electronic appliances – a soft humming if you so will. It’s actually quite relaxing, and could be perfect for a meditation class or yoga room where you have to focus on the your immediate surroundings – noises being one of the anchors so this unit could actually be a help to some people in your class that might have trouble identifying other noises in the room to hold their focus on.

100ml Ceramic Essential Oil Diffuser with Luck Bottle Design AN-0519 Details

How about the area that it is suitable for?

It will work well in any room of about 250 sq ft.

Where can I use it for?

One Fits All – Whether it is the living room, the bedroom, the corridor, or even that sturdy desk of yours at work, don’t worry about whether or not the Aickar Essential Oil Diffuser will look out of place. Its minimalistic, ceramic-made, and luck bottle design will blend perfectly in any environment you can think of.

100ml Ceramic Essential Oil Diffuser Applications

The ceramic essential oil diffuser is a high-quality, well-designed, stylish and super functional diffuser. It is made out of natural materials, which is nice to have around as a piece of home décor even when the diffuser is not in use. The misting is powerful and quiet, which is always important when trying to fill a room or space with your essential oil aroma of choice.

Take a view at its operations:

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