Waterless Essential Oil Diffuser for True Therapeutic & Health

Want to enjoy true therapeutic benefits of essential oils at home, office, and even car when travelling? Well, today, we will introduce one waterless aromatherapy diffusers for essential oils, for providing more aroma and more true therapeutic & health benefits.

Waterless Essential Oil Diffuser AN-S062

AN-S062 car essential oil diffuser comes with compact design and USB port, coated with woodgrain, the stylish design blends perfectly with every decor e.g. bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, coffee table, office, spa, car, etc.

Waterless Essential Oil Diffuser AN-S062 Features:

Mini size – It has mini size, you can move it around your house, throw it in a bag, place it in your car.

No water, no heat. – So oils are not broken down or degraded, the mist released is actual micro-droplets of pure essential oil.

USB Port for Car – It fits perfectly to any vehicle and produces aromatherapy when using essential oils, it will envelop your surroundings effectively with the essential oil you chose.

Mini Waterless Essential Oil Diffuser Suggested for Car Home and SPA

Car Aroma Diffuser AN-S062 Technical Specifications

1. Especially for essential oil.

2. Auto power-off, if essential oil is run out.

3. Voltage: DC5V 1A

4. Capacity: 10-30ml

5. Ultrasonic frequency: 3 MHz

6. Power: About 3W

7. Max Time: 8 hours

8. Scent: 0.5ml./hour

9. Weight: 0.5KG

10. Raw material: PP, ABS

11. Suitable for vehicle-mounted.

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Car Essential Oil Diffuser Recommendation and Applications

Almost every family owns one car in modern life, and many of us pay a lot of attention to the maintenance of the car. May be you have already installed aroma diffuser in your car to purify and improve the smell or alleviate the weary caused by long time driving. However, have you earned some professional application skill of the car essential oil diffuser?

You can drive out the stale smell with the aromatherapy diffuser. Air condition will mildew if no cleaning after a longtime use, meanwhile, the cloth covered seats are the home of dust and bacteria. Using bacteria killer or aroma diffuser is the best way to solve those problems. Below, we will talk about the healthier and efficient method to keep all the awkward situation away.

How to use USB aroma diffuser in your car (Steps):

  1. Add few drops of peppermint or any favorite essential oil into the aroma diffuser
  2. Plug into the cigarette light port or connect the aroma diffuser with USB interface
  3. Adjust the mist output, or the LED color
  4. Let the aroma freshen the air and spread around the car inside

Car Essential oil diffuser products recommendation:

Pure Essential Oil Diffuser AN-0504

Pure Essential Oil Diffuser for Car AN-0504

This Pure essential oil diffuser AN-0504 is especially for essential oil, make yourself feel like home with Aroma therapy as it also acts like a humidifier in your vehicle. Aluminum alloy design makes your life more sense, it is very suitable for vehicle-mounted. Just pick out your favorite essential oil scent that can help engage your mood. Not only that this diffuser can be used in your vehicle, but it can also be used at home or your office. The diffuser produces mist using the ultrasonic technology by harnessing the power of ultrasonic vibrations with only essential oil. You can finally take the aroma with you everywhere you go!


Car Essential Oil Diffuser AN-S061

Car Essential Oil Diffuser Portable USB Scent Diffuser AN-S061 for Office Travel Home Vehicle

The Aickar AN-S062 car essential oil diffuser comes with compact Design and USB Port, fill your room or car with more fragrance and moisture, portable for use in car, gym, yoga, office, travel, business trip. The AN-S062 USB oil diffuser is especially for essential oil, intelligent auto off, it automatically turns off when the essential oil run out, ensure a longer working life instead of breaking easily.

USB Essential Oil Diffuser AN-S062

USB Essential Oil Diffuser Car Aroma Diffuser with Mist Purifier Function for Car Travel Computer Vehicle

The Aickar AN-S062 is coated with woodgrain, and also comes with USB port. It fits perfectly to any vehicle and produces aromatherapy when using essential oils, it will envelop your surroundings effectively with the essential oil you chose. Oils can help with allergies, sleep, cold and flu symptoms. They can also give you a spa like feeling in any room. No heat is required so oils are not broken down or degraded.

Wow, which model do you like? Car accessories product is a very big market, undoubtedly car aroma diffuser is also a good product for your business.

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