Best Selling Products for Preparing Selling Season – Season Promotion on Aroma Diffusers

Season Promotion on Aroma Diffusers – Best Selling Products for Preparing Selling Season (The Season’s Best Deals)

The Selling Season of 2017 is coming, so what kinds of best selling products are you preparing for your market?

Whatever you are a distributor or a retailer, it is very important to be smart enough for choosing niche products. Here we will recommended six niche aroma diffuser products for you.

And meanwhile, in order to help you test the market, we provide The Season’s Best Deals: Get US $50 Off on Order Over US $1000.

Available Model: PR-10, PR-11, PB-1218S, PR-004, PR-13, PR-008

Promotion Date: September 28 – October 19

The Season's Best Deals - Promise Aroma Diffuser - Get US $50 OFF

Niche Products Recommended for Aroma Diffusers Distributor and Retailers:
Mini USB Essential Oil Diffuser PR-10

Mini USB Essential Oil Diffuser PR-10

This mini usb essential oil diffuser has a built-in 6 color LED night light, Set your favourite color or select color rotate option, will make it the perfect humidifier. USB plug power supply, touch switch, low DC 5V input voltage, safe and reliable. It can be easily powered by car charger, PC, notebook, power bank, USB HUB, etc. Modern and simplistic design to match your room decor, 4 in 1 multi-function: aromatherapy diffuser, humidifier, air purifier, and LED night light.
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Cute Panda Aroma Diffuser PR-11

This aroma diffuser is designed as a cute Panda, fills the space with a lovely fragrance that can lift the mood and relieve stress from stressful and tired day. Cute Aroma Diffuser Spark Your Kid’s Imagination with 7 Changing Mood Lights, each of which is adjustable between Bright and Dim modes, and could be set steady on. Great night light for young children scared of the dark at bedtime.
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  • Model: PR-11
  • Capacity: 300ML
  • Cute Panda Design
  • Product Size: 140*140*146mm
  • QTY:24/CTN

Vase Wood Grain Aroma Diffuser PB-1218S

Vase Wood Grain Aroma Diffuser PB-1218S

Vase Wood Grain Essential Oil Diffuser PB-1218S is a tulip flower-shaped diffuser that is BPA-free and transforms water and essential oils into a cool mist-preserving health benefits from the oils while humidifying the room.
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  • Model: PB-1218S
  • Capacity:300ML
  • Mist output: Around 50-70ml/h
  • Timer settings:1H,3H,6H/ON
  • Product Dimensions:Φ165*208mm

UFO Aromatherapy Diffuser PR-004

UFO Aromatherapy Diffuser PR-004

This Ultrasonic UFO Shape aromatherapy diffuser PR-004 adopted silent ultrasonic technology, the aroma diffuser delivers safe and ultra-fine aromatherapy mist. Can be used as an Aromatherapy Diffuser/Humidifier/Air Purifier/Night Light. Also perfect for gifts.
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  • Model: PR-004
  • Capacity: 150ML
  • Coated With Pear Wood Grain

3D Glass Aroma Diffuser PR-13

3D Glass Aroma Diffuser PR-13

This 3D glass aroma diffuser PR-13 combine Diffuser + Humidifier + Nigh Light design, unique 3D effect with the automatic color changes, automatic changing easily and smoothly from one color to the next, long press to turn off the lights, Working manually with the two buttons simple control.

Portable for yoga, gym, office, baby room or bedroom. Perfect gift for family and friends who love aromatherapy or can benefit from aromatherapy healing.
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  • Model: PR-13
  • Product size: 128mm×128mm×150mm
  • Capacity: 100ML
  • Material: Glass cover and PP
  • QTY:12pcs/CTN

Waterless Car Oil Diffuser PR-008

Waterless Car Oil Diffuser PR-008

Wateless USB car aroma diffuser PR-008, plug in your car, it is portable to be taken anywhere and fits perfectly to any vehicle. It is the easiest way to maintain a fresh, moisture and odor free environment in your car. Great niche car accessories product.
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  • Model: PR-008
  • Prodcut Dimensions:(D)68*(H)160mm
  • Capacity:2ML
  • Material:PP/GLASS/ALLOY

Go ahead to start your selling season market by these niche products,  and get discount from us, welcome to contact us for more details:

The Season's Best Deals - Promise Aroma Diffuser - Get US $50 OFF


2017 Best Selling Aroma Diffusers

Have you found some niche products for your 2017 -2018 market?

Aroma Diffuser is one of the best selling products on the marketing now, and it is also a healthy multi-functional aromatherapy product for people’s daily life. Aroma Diffuser a great niche products for many businesses such as hotel, fitness center, health medical, home living museum, essential oil store and other retail businesses; it is also a hot selling products on Amazon.
I will show you more 2017 best selling and latest design aroma diffusers here.

2017 latest design aroma diffusers

Lamp – 350ml Ultrasonic Aroma Light Diffuser PR-1519

350ml ultrasonic aroma diffuser PR-1519 is in adorable lamp design. It fits in with any décor, used as a decorative piece to create unique scenery. The color changing lights make it beautiful in soft light rooms to suite your moods. Add a drop of your favorite essential oil to give your room a fresh, clean scent, it will fill your space with lovely fragrance. There is no doubt that this 350ml Aroma Diffuser is a perfect gift idea for family and friends.

Lamp – 350ml Ultrasonic Aroma Light Diffuser PR-1519

Pumpkin – 500ml Ultrasonic Wood Essential Oil Diffuser PR-1515

The 500ml Wood Essential Oil Diffuser PR-1515 melds form with functions. Not only can it humidify and freshen indoor air, it makes a beautiful Pumpkin display piece as well. Choose from cyclical or fixed LED lighting modes (or no light at all). Wonderful for home decoration, Halloween decor and party.

Pumpkin - 500ml Ultrasonic Wood Essential Oil Diffuser PR-1515

300ml Remote Control Ultrasonic Ceramic Aroma Diffuser PR-005

With the cool mist and whisper quite feature, Ceramic Aroma Diffuser PR-005 will bring lovely fragrance and Spa like feeling to you, relax yourself from a long day working and sleep better at night. Ceramic makes the diffuser more natural and elegant so that it will fit in with any decor.  It’s also a night light for a kid’s room.

300ml Remote Control Ultrasonic Ceramic Aroma Diffuser PR-005

2017 Hot Selling Aroma Diffusers on Amazon

300ml Aroma Essential Oil Diffuser with Light Wood Grain
400ml Essential Oil Ultrasonic Mist Diffuser for SPA Office
400ml Essential Oil Ultrasonic Mist Diffuser for SPA Office
400ml Ultrasonic Wood Grain Oil Diffuser Aromatherapy for Baby Room Home
400ml Ultrasonic Wood Grain Oil Diffuser for Baby Room Home
300ml Wood Grain Essential Oil Diffuser with Mini Vase Tulip Style for Office

Mini Vase 300ml Wood Grain Essential Oil Diffuse for Office

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Innovative Aroma Diffuser Aickar ELF

 Aickar ELF essential oil diffuser with air humidifier function

Are you bored with the air purifiers on the market due to the semblable appearance. Apart from its practical functionalities, most of them are too ordinary to attract your attention.

Lately a beautiful and decorative air purifier surprises air aroma diffuser lovers. Inspired by the teardrop, the aroma diffuser is designed according to the features of the transparent. And add essential oils to the tank, so it can purify the air and with aromatherapy effect. The design greatly combines aesthetic elements and versatile functions into one.


The aroma will be dispersed via the little air outlets, and the spreading speed of the fragrance can be control via the touchkey.

What’s more, the upper, funnel-shaped lid is easily detachable, allowing for convenient and safe water pouring into the container, while also eliminating splashes and spillages.

Artisitc Transparent Teardrop Design Diffuser

Most importantly, unlike any other essential oil diffuser/humidifier, the Aickar ELF allows you to actually see the oils vaporize, as they turn into that gorgeous mist, leave the clear shell and waft into the room, and will brighten enhance the whole decoration.

Innovative Aroma Diffuser Aickar ELF

If you are looking for air humidifier which stands out in appearance, may be this ELF one is your best choice.

Now this great gadget is launched on Indiegogo, go to get your own one now.

Aickar ELF on Indiegogo

Make a Difference of Your Life – Benefits of Aickar ELF Aroma Diffuser

Pre-order Aickar ELF on IndiegogoAickar ELF – The world’s first transparent aroma diffuser, now it is available on Indiegogo, you can enjoy more benefits from this cool gadget, here i will introduce some health benefits of Aickar ELF aroma diffuser with essential oils. Go to Indiegogo to Pre-order Aickar ELF Aroma Diffuser now, and make a difference of your life.

  • Improve the Quality of Your Sleep
    Improve your whole family’s sleeping quality by adding Lavendar oil to ELF
    Aickar ELF Aroma Diffuser for Peaceful Sleeping
  • Increase the good atmosphere of romantic date
    Make your date more romantic and relaxing, closer your heats just by adding Rose oil to ELF.Aickar ELF Aroma Diffuser - Increase the good atmosphere of romantic date
  • Uplift Your Mood
    Lift yourself up with Coffee? ELEnjoyF with Peppermint Oil is the best stimulate and cools you down.Aickar ELF Aroma Diffuser - Uplift Your Mood
  • Enjoy Healthy Ocean SPAFeel like taking a SPA in clean ocean; reducing and buffering painful, headaches, fibromyalgia by yourself, by adding Ocean essential oil blends to ElfEnjoy Healthy Ocean SPA with Aickar ELF Aroma Diffuser
  • Meditation – increase calmness and clarity and promote happiness
    IF you’re in the mood for meditation, use a few drops of pure sandalwood and center your spirit, while breathing in the soothing properties of the plant.Aickar ELF Aroma Diffuser for Meditation - Increase calmness and clarity and promote happiness

Now Aickar ELF is available on Indiegogo, and have got some backers, go to view more and pro-order now:

Pre-Order Aickar ELF on Indiegogo

Aickar ELF -The World’s First Transparent Aroma Diffuser is Launched on Indiegogo Now

Aickar ELF on Indiegogo

Dear all,
2017 New design and the most good reputation aroma diffuser –  world’s first transparent diffuser Aickar ELF is launched on Indiegogo, click to view the details and enjoy your most favorable as our super early birds.

The number of super early birds: 200 

Super early birds price: $49USD

For exclusive birds: $69USD

Duo Pack: $119USD


Aickar ELF on Indiegogo

Click the below link to purchase and get the first batch now:

In order to succeed, we need your kind help and support. Pre-order, invest or simply help spread the word, so that we can make this impressive ELF available to everyone.

And remember, every kind of support is welcome: Even if you think you can’t contribute financially, you can still make use of the Indiegogo tools and other social media to help spread the word and let more people know about this project.

Many thanks!

Aickar ELF Team - Jeno Aickar ELF Team - Jeno

ELF Team – Jeno

In order to succeed, we need your kind help and support. Pre-order, invest or simply help spread the word, so that we can make this impressive ELF available to everyone.

View project »

ELF Team – Luna

This is a good item to tell people about any current promotions. Even if you think you can’t contribute financially, you can still make use of the Indiegogo tools and other social media to help spread the word and let more people know about this project.

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Aroma Diffuser Is Better Than Air Humidifier?

Aroma DiffsuerStaying in air conditioning house is the most comfortable way for people in hot summer seasons. However, it may cause a lot of problems: dry skin and hair, respiratory diseases, and many other side effects. In order to solve those awkward situations, air humidifier and aroma diffuser are supplied by manufacturers and are very popular among customers. But which one is better?

Actually, we are more familiar with air humidifier, while for aroma diffuser, it is actually a new equipment for most of us. Below, I will make a brief introduction and comparison among the 2 devices. One is Aickar elf aroma diffuser the other one is regular air humidifier.

Aickar elf aroma diffuser



Most of the humidifiers on the market are made of AS and ABS, which can not resist the corrosion of essential oil and only pure water is allowed. While the Aickar elf adopts the high-end anti-corrosion material, meanwhile, it has good resistance to medical corrosion.


Although ultrasonic technology is both applied in humidifier and aroma diffuser. But the great difference lies in the details. For aroma diffuser, the particles can be atomized to nano-grade via vibration while for humidifier the vapor molecules are often bigger. Thus, in moisturizing, aroma diffuser is the winner.


As for humidifier, it is only used for enhancing the humidity of the house. However, aromatherapy diffuser is more versatile. Colorful LED mood light, timing, touchable button, etc. functions are added to the aroma diffuser. What’s more, as to its aromatherapy function, we can remedy mental pressure, relax body or mood.


Essential oil diffuser not only can purify the air but also can alleviate mental pressure and balance the hormones via adding various essential oil. Rosemary is perfect for relieving weary, lemon for skin-whiten, lavender for remitting insomnia.

Aroma diffuser features lower power rate, which is good for the daily budget. We will save a lot of electric charge compares to humidifier.

Normally, air humidifier often has a bigger volume than aroma diffuser, in some situations, it not convenient for carrying with while we are on business trip or journey

Finally, we can make a rough conclusion. Aickar elf aroma diffuser stands out no matter in material, technology, function, or practicality. If you are still hesitating, my suggestion is aromatherapy diffuser.



Aickar Aroma Diffuser OEM & ODM Solutions & Services for Online Sellers

Happy New Year, everyone!

New Year, new hope. In the new 2017, we hope all of our clients and friends will have good business performance and turnover. For this purpose, Aickar also provides highly customizable services and solutions for aroma diffuser online sellers.

The first one is aroma diffuser OEM Manufacturing solution

You can custom your own LOGO or business name on the aroma diffuser. It is a great way to spread your Brand and business to end-users.

Aroma diffuser OEM Manufacturing solution

Labeling and FBA service for aroma diffuser Amazon sellers

In order to save more time and the cost for you. Aickar also help Amazon sellers for labeling, QC as well as delivery to the FBA warehouse, the whole process seamless connection.

Labeling and FBA service for aroma diffuser Amazon sellers

Package design service for your conversion rate  

For increasing the conversion rate of your shop, Aickar also have professional design team to help online sales (Amazon, EBAY, independent website) to design product description, pictures and styles, a key to publish the new design.

Aroma diffuser package sample:

Online Seller Solution - Package Design Service

Package description & LOGO design sample:

Aroma Diffuser Package Description & Logo Design Sample

New aroma diffuser model ODM service for enhancing your market power

Aickar also provides ODM service, clients can customize textures and colors of aroma diffuser. Of course, if you have new ideas of aroma diffuser, you can also contact us and tell us your thoughts, we can help you to achieve your new ideas on the products, ODM service is the custom-build solution for increasing your market competitiveness. You can enquiry for aroma diffuser ODM service from here.

Drop shipping solution for aroma diffuser online store

Don’t want to do inventory for your online store? Or new start on aroma diffuser market and want to try the market?

Well, Aickar is your best aroma diffuser supplier. The drop shipping service is the ideal solution for your online store and new market. You do not have to bear any inventory costs for your online store, and you do not have to invest any risk in your new market.

Drop shipping solution for aroma diffuser online store

Of course, as a professional aroma diffuser manufacturer, Aickar always keep improvements and upgraded product design, will release 2-3 latest designs monthly. Stay with us for market updates or contact us directly for your interested products and services:

Aickar Aroma Diffuser Sales Team