Make a Difference of Your Life – Benefits of Aickar ELF Aroma Diffuser

Pre-order Aickar ELF on IndiegogoAickar ELF – The world’s first transparent aroma diffuser, now it is available on Indiegogo, you can enjoy more benefits from this cool gadget, here i will introduce some health benefits of Aickar ELF aroma diffuser with essential oils. Go to Indiegogo to Pre-order Aickar ELF Aroma Diffuser now, and make a difference of your life.

  • Improve the Quality of Your Sleep
    Improve your whole family’s sleeping quality by adding Lavendar oil to ELF
    Aickar ELF Aroma Diffuser for Peaceful Sleeping
  • Increase the good atmosphere of romantic date
    Make your date more romantic and relaxing, closer your heats just by adding Rose oil to ELF.Aickar ELF Aroma Diffuser - Increase the good atmosphere of romantic date
  • Uplift Your Mood
    Lift yourself up with Coffee? ELEnjoyF with Peppermint Oil is the best stimulate and cools you down.Aickar ELF Aroma Diffuser - Uplift Your Mood
  • Enjoy Healthy Ocean SPAFeel like taking a SPA in clean ocean; reducing and buffering painful, headaches, fibromyalgia by yourself, by adding Ocean essential oil blends to ElfEnjoy Healthy Ocean SPA with Aickar ELF Aroma Diffuser
  • Meditation – increase calmness and clarity and promote happiness
    IF you’re in the mood for meditation, use a few drops of pure sandalwood and center your spirit, while breathing in the soothing properties of the plant.Aickar ELF Aroma Diffuser for Meditation - Increase calmness and clarity and promote happiness

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Aickar ELF -The World’s First Transparent Aroma Diffuser is Launched on Indiegogo Now

Aickar ELF on Indiegogo

Dear all,
2017 New design and the most good reputation aroma diffuser –  world’s first transparent diffuser Aickar ELF is launched on Indiegogo, click to view the details and enjoy your most favorable as our super early birds.

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Aickar ELF on Indiegogo

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Aickar ELF Team - Jeno Aickar ELF Team - Jeno

ELF Team – Jeno

In order to succeed, we need your kind help and support. Pre-order, invest or simply help spread the word, so that we can make this impressive ELF available to everyone.

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ELF Team – Luna

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Use Aroma Diffusers to Increase Customer Five-star Reviews for Local Business

Commercial Aroma Diffuser Applications – Increase Customer Five-star Reviews for Local Business1. Aroma Diffusers solution for restaurant, hotel

Restaurant/hotel. It is of high possibility that you will choose a hotel as your temporary accommodation for several days while you are on trip. The ideal room should be cozy and clean. If possible, romance will enhance enjoyment. For hotel managers, it will be great if they equips the hotel with aromatherapy diffuser, due to its aromatherapy function, consumers will alleviate weary or pressure during the journey. Meanwhile, pleasing aroma definitely will uplift the spirit and make the consumers leave the hotel a five-star review as it is as comfortable as their real home.

Aroma Diffusers solution for restaurant

2. Aromatherapy diffuser for Leisure

Entertainment places, such as KTV, SPA room, coffee bar, shopping mall, etc.

In most situations, public places are always squeezed with a crowd of people, the air is often full of smelly odor and the dust particles are anywhere. Thus, it is the necessity for arming those places with a decorative but functional aroma diffuser and air humidifier. The vaporized mist will drive away the odor and moisturize the room. Especially for shopping mall, it will greatly enhance the shopping experience.

Aromatherapy diffuser for Leisure

3. Essential oil diffuser for work

Office. 8-hours of continuous work will drain staff’s mind and distract them. What’s more, air conditioned room often lacks of enough moisture. It is great mercy for the company to place several essential oil diffusers in public places. Particularly, some stimulant essential oil are meant to cheer up the mind and improve the efficiency of work.

Essential oil diffuser for work

4. Ultrasonic aroma diffuser for public facilities

Public facilities. Such as subway, rain station, departure hall. Aroma diffuser and humidifier will efficiently relieve the anxiety of the passengers while waiting in hall.

Commercial Aroma Diffuser Applications – Increase Customer Five-star Reviews for Local Business


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What is Essential Oil – Introduction of Base Oil

what-is-essential-oil-introduction-of-base-oil.pngYou can take care of your skin even in the dry winter and fall seasons, just by optimally take advantage of essential oil. However, do you actually know essential oil? And have a knowledge of its application? Here I will make a brief introduction about it.

What is base oil?

Most of the essential oil can not be directly used on skin and only they have been diluted in base oil, it can be widely applied. Base oil is extracted from flower, nut or seed, and it good for medical treatment. And the essential oil for aromatherapy is achieved via cold pressing and extraction while the edible oil is acquired by high temperature processing. Cold pressing procure ensures the preservation of the vitamin, mineral, and fatty acid.

What kind of oils can not be used as base oil?

Mineral oils distracted from fossil oil is not suitable for used as base oil, such as lanolin oil. Mineral oils does not own nutrition, and not good for skin absorption.

Common base oils


Sweet Almond Oil

Ingredient: vitamin A, B1, B2, B6, E, protein, fatty acid

Feature: light yellow, soft smell, refreshing and not oily

Brief introduction: neutral oil. Achieved via pressing the apricot. As reported, it is effective for treating sensitive and acne skin. It can be matched with any essential oils, meanwhile, it is edible, and beneficial for cell renew. Thus, it is the most widely used base oil.

Apricot kernel oil

Apricot kernel oil

Ingredient: Vitamin A, B1, B2, B6, C, GLA

Feature: light yellow, sweet and nutritive

Brief introduction: suit for relieving yellow facial skin, or decrustation. Benefit for weak body and patient.

Wheat germ oil

Wheat germ oil

Ingredient: protein, vitamin A, D, E, B1, B2, B6, pantothenic acid, nicotinic acid, Calcium, phosphorus, iron, zinc and magnesium…

Feature: yellow brown, distracted from wheat seed

Brief introduction: with abundant of vitamin E, anti-oxidation and enhance the circulation. It is good for prevent high pressure blood, heart disease, and cancer arteriosclerosis.

Jojoba oil

Jojoba oil

Ingredient: mineral, vitamin, protein, mytidyic acid

Feature: yellow. Non-smell, and very moisture. Jojoba is a desert plant so its oil with high stability and can be stored for a long time

Brief introduction: it molecule construction is similar with human’s fat, and it suits for oily skin, rheumatism, arthritis. And it is also good for hair care.

Grapeseed oil

Grapeseed oil

Ingredient: vitamin B1, B3, B5, C, F, chlorophyll Trace minerals, essential fatty acids, fructose, glucose, minerals, potassium, phosphorus, calcium and magnesium, and grape polyphenols

Feature: light yellow or light green, non-smell

Brief introduction: it is abundant of linoleic acid and oligo proanthocyanidin. And it is anti-oxidant, collagen-protective and prevent edema. So it is good for facial massage, especially for oily and acne skin.


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Handheld Moisturizing Beauty Instrument for Skin Care – USB Mini humidifier Recommendation

Today I will recommend two mini humidifiers to you, both of them are portable and mini, very convenient. They can help people moisturizing and calm your skin. Great flexible products for our daily life.

Why do people need to use humidifier anytime anywhere?

For women, when shopping, the face is too dry to repair a makeup, but don’t want to break the makeup.

For travelling, the skin is fatigue and also need moisturizing.

For home and office, our skin will become more dry when under air conditioning

Wow, we need a cool gadget that can moisturize anytime, anywhere.

Here are two mini humidifiers recommended:

1. Nano Spray Handheld Facial Steamer for Skin Care Ultrasonic Cool Mist humidifier AN-U401
Mini USB Ultrasonic Cool Mist humidifier Moisturizing Beauty Instrument AN-U401

Mini Moisturizing Beauty Instrument AN-U401 Features:

  • Handheld facial steamer mist humidifier moisturizing and calm your skin: High-tech chip control Tech runs silently, providing cool humidifying mist without excess noise, can be applied to body, hair and face etc, reduce skin wrinkles, improve skin allergy, moisturizing and calm your skin.
  • Multifunctional Nano Skin Care USB Humidifier Power Bank: It combines the Beauty Sprayer and Power Bank functions, 1200mAh battery capacity power bank can charge your smart devices anytime, in the meantime, caring for your skin at anytime and anywhere.
  • Easy to charge: It doesn’t require any batteries – it charges via a micro-USB port located on the bottom, it can be charged when connecting to your PC, power bank and AC adapters, and the item also can be used as a power bank to charge your phones.
  • This mini ultrasonic humidifier Nano sprayer packaged with the exquisite gift box, the best gift choice!

2. Portable Macaron Design Mini USB Cool Air Humidifier AN-U101
Portable Macaron Design Mini USB Cool Air Humidifier AN-U101 for Home / Office / Car / Travel

Mini Humidifier AN-U101 Features:

  • Newest Macaron color looks design: Mini USB Cool Mist Water Humidifier, the most silent cool air humidifier, Desk Humidifier, Travel Humidifier, Mini Humidifier, Facial Sauna steamer, 4 hours Auto shut off.
  • Compatible with any micro-USB cable. Comes with micro-USB cable, can be powered by computer, car charger, mobile power, etc. More convenient.
  • Simple to use: firstly, open the upper cover; secondly, add in pure water; Thirdly, Connected power supply via USB; Fourthly, Turn on the power button.
  • Silent and Safe Air Humidifier: MHZ atomization chip, spray pure water without white powder phenomenon. Atomizing piece by special treatment, corrosion resistance, acid-proof and alkali, automatic shut-off when no water.
  • Essential for home, office and travel: Refresh the dry air to alleviate dry eyes and dry throat. It may also help with insomnia, cough, flu, and cracked skin from lack of humidity.
  • Nanometre mist humidifier: Adopt with the piezoelectric ceramic microporous atomization technology; ultrasonic oscillation frequency is 1000 KHD; instantly shredded the water droplets into 1-3 microns, Ultra-fine water molecules, generate natural and elegant mist, Pregnant women and infants harmless, soften and moisten dry and chapped skin
  • Love gift, Love caring: Mini size, can carry anywhere. Perfect gift idea for family and friends. A nice addition for healthy life, beauty or wellness.

These two mini humidifiers gadgets are all great item for gift wholesalers, welcome to enquiry now!

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Can Humidifier Be Used As Aromatherapy Diffuser?

Can humidifier be used as aroma diffuser? Many of us do not like dry climate, because it will cause uncomfortable impact to respiratory system. And that is the reason why we choose air humidifier.

Most humidifiers in the marketplace cannot be used with essential oils. Some of those units can damage the plastic components of the device, essential oils only work with special materials PP, ABS, PC. So if you want to find a humidifier that can also work with essential oils, it should be an essential oil diffuser or aroma diffuser. Take a view at these aroma diffusers, there are all suitable for using with essential oils.

aromatherapy humidifiser AN-0419
aromatherapy humidifier AN-0521 aroma diffuser AN-0489 aroma diffuser AN-0433
aromatherapy humidifiser ABNB-1199
aromatherapy humidifier ABNB-1188 aroma diffuser ABNB-1168 aroma diffuser ABNB-0168

Of course, if you don’t want to use aromatherapy, air humidifier is best for you. However, if the humidifier is not used in a right way, potential danger will be incurred. Below are the use instruction for preventing danger during the operation.

  • Potential danger and preventions

    There are abundant of air humidifiers on the market, but the quality varies as the price of the product changes. You can search out a lot of humidifiers on the internet, some of them are branded product while others are not. As for bad quality one, it may give off harmful and toxic objects while spreading mist to the space. There are also potential of electricity-leakage problems. Prevention: purchase branded or certified air humidifier.

  • Electricity or water leakage accident

    If the engine is immersed in water, it will damage the humidifier.

    Keep the air outlet stay dry while pouring water into the tank, and keep the socket out the reach of the kids

  • Large flow of mist will disturb the breathing.
    While adding moisture to house, the surrounding air will be thickened and if you let the vapor directly stream to your face, it may result in breathing problem. Prevention: put the humidifier in a place away from your desk to prevent direct steam vapors.
  • It is of great possibility for the forming of bacteria

    During the operation, the surrounding air becomes warmer and more moisture is gathered around. And it has created an optimal environment for the forming of bacteria. Under such a circumstance, health of human body under threaten.

  • Pains will be caused to arthritis sufferer

    It is unfortunately that arthritis sufferers are not allowed to use air humidifier. Their body are sensitive to humidity, and pains will be caused once the moisture has reached to certain level. Prevention: operate the humidifier at a regular interval and turn off the equipment once the humidity reach the standard.

In order to prevent the accidental problems and keep the air humidifier serve us in the right and efficient way, we should be noticed of its instructions and preventions.

Car Essential Oil Diffuser Recommendation and Applications

Almost every family owns one car in modern life, and many of us pay a lot of attention to the maintenance of the car. May be you have already installed aroma diffuser in your car to purify and improve the smell or alleviate the weary caused by long time driving. However, have you earned some professional application skill of the car essential oil diffuser?

You can drive out the stale smell with the aromatherapy diffuser. Air condition will mildew if no cleaning after a longtime use, meanwhile, the cloth covered seats are the home of dust and bacteria. Using bacteria killer or aroma diffuser is the best way to solve those problems. Below, we will talk about the healthier and efficient method to keep all the awkward situation away.

How to use USB aroma diffuser in your car (Steps):

  1. Add few drops of peppermint or any favorite essential oil into the aroma diffuser
  2. Plug into the cigarette light port or connect the aroma diffuser with USB interface
  3. Adjust the mist output, or the LED color
  4. Let the aroma freshen the air and spread around the car inside

Car Essential oil diffuser products recommendation:

Pure Essential Oil Diffuser AN-0504

Pure Essential Oil Diffuser for Car AN-0504

This Pure essential oil diffuser AN-0504 is especially for essential oil, make yourself feel like home with Aroma therapy as it also acts like a humidifier in your vehicle. Aluminum alloy design makes your life more sense, it is very suitable for vehicle-mounted. Just pick out your favorite essential oil scent that can help engage your mood. Not only that this diffuser can be used in your vehicle, but it can also be used at home or your office. The diffuser produces mist using the ultrasonic technology by harnessing the power of ultrasonic vibrations with only essential oil. You can finally take the aroma with you everywhere you go!


Car Essential Oil Diffuser AN-S061

Car Essential Oil Diffuser Portable USB Scent Diffuser AN-S061 for Office Travel Home Vehicle

The Aickar AN-S062 car essential oil diffuser comes with compact Design and USB Port, fill your room or car with more fragrance and moisture, portable for use in car, gym, yoga, office, travel, business trip. The AN-S062 USB oil diffuser is especially for essential oil, intelligent auto off, it automatically turns off when the essential oil run out, ensure a longer working life instead of breaking easily.

USB Essential Oil Diffuser AN-S062

USB Essential Oil Diffuser Car Aroma Diffuser with Mist Purifier Function for Car Travel Computer Vehicle

The Aickar AN-S062 is coated with woodgrain, and also comes with USB port. It fits perfectly to any vehicle and produces aromatherapy when using essential oils, it will envelop your surroundings effectively with the essential oil you chose. Oils can help with allergies, sleep, cold and flu symptoms. They can also give you a spa like feeling in any room. No heat is required so oils are not broken down or degraded.

Wow, which model do you like? Car accessories product is a very big market, undoubtedly car aroma diffuser is also a good product for your business.

Aickar Essential Oil Diffuser
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