How to Take Care of Your Skin Via Essential Oils

Using Essential Oils to Take Care of Your SkinAroma essential oil is popular among girls, there are a lot of cosmetics which includes essential oil ingredient. And essential oil are wildly applied in mental and body therapy. Now, I am going to tell the easiest way to use essential oil for skin care.

Essential oil extracted from the flower, leave, rhizome or fruit, and through distillation, squeezing and pressing, cold-maceration, solvent extraction method. You should not use the non non-dilute essential oil directly. The essential oil features impact the temperature and prevent the illness, so we can take advantage of those functionalities to keep a healthy life.

Use essential oil with Aickar ELF Aroma Diffuser for Skin Care

Essential oil is easy for volatilizing, and its molecule are very tiny, it is very easy for body absorption and it can penetrate to the organ. Meanwhile, the aroma of the essential oil will stimulate the pituitary gland, enzymes and secretion of hormones to balance the body.

Using Essential Oils to Take Care of Your Skin

Several common essential oils:

Rose – the queen of the flower

Body therapy – balances secretion of hormones, regulates menstruation and adjuvant therapy for infection of urogenital system and frigidity

Skin care – suit for all kinds of skin


Body therapy: resists virus, sterilizes, prevents mosquitos, and relieve the muscular soreness and insomnia

Skin care – promotes the cytothesis, balances the sebum secretion and reduces ace and stain


Body therapy: alleviate sore throat, cough, and flu. Boost the blood circulation and promote digestion

Skin care: restrain the secretion of the skin oil, ameliorate the skin

Essential oil for effectively tighten eye pouch

You should be mentioned that only the specialized essential oil can be daub to your eye pouch. And you should dilute the essential oil (lavender is good for relieving black eye).

For removing pimples

You can add 1 drop of needle juniper and chamomile into 10ml grape-kernel oil, wipe the oil and then massage your facial skin to diminish inflammation.

You can freely adjust the proportion of the essential oil to achieve the therapeutic function.

Tips: it will be better if you massage your body with the essential oil after the shower.


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Make a Difference of Your Life – Benefits of Aickar ELF Aroma Diffuser

Pre-order Aickar ELF on IndiegogoAickar ELF – The world’s first transparent aroma diffuser, now it is available on Indiegogo, you can enjoy more benefits from this cool gadget, here i will introduce some health benefits of Aickar ELF aroma diffuser with essential oils. Go to Indiegogo to Pre-order Aickar ELF Aroma Diffuser now, and make a difference of your life.

  • Improve the Quality of Your Sleep
    Improve your whole family’s sleeping quality by adding Lavendar oil to ELF
    Aickar ELF Aroma Diffuser for Peaceful Sleeping
  • Increase the good atmosphere of romantic date
    Make your date more romantic and relaxing, closer your heats just by adding Rose oil to ELF.Aickar ELF Aroma Diffuser - Increase the good atmosphere of romantic date
  • Uplift Your Mood
    Lift yourself up with Coffee? ELEnjoyF with Peppermint Oil is the best stimulate and cools you down.Aickar ELF Aroma Diffuser - Uplift Your Mood
  • Enjoy Healthy Ocean SPAFeel like taking a SPA in clean ocean; reducing and buffering painful, headaches, fibromyalgia by yourself, by adding Ocean essential oil blends to ElfEnjoy Healthy Ocean SPA with Aickar ELF Aroma Diffuser
  • Meditation – increase calmness and clarity and promote happiness
    IF you’re in the mood for meditation, use a few drops of pure sandalwood and center your spirit, while breathing in the soothing properties of the plant.Aickar ELF Aroma Diffuser for Meditation - Increase calmness and clarity and promote happiness

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In order to succeed, we need your kind help and support. Pre-order, invest or simply help spread the word, so that we can make this impressive ELF available to everyone.

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Can Humidifier Be Used As Aromatherapy Diffuser?

Can humidifier be used as aroma diffuser? Many of us do not like dry climate, because it will cause uncomfortable impact to respiratory system. And that is the reason why we choose air humidifier.

Most humidifiers in the marketplace cannot be used with essential oils. Some of those units can damage the plastic components of the device, essential oils only work with special materials PP, ABS, PC. So if you want to find a humidifier that can also work with essential oils, it should be an essential oil diffuser or aroma diffuser. Take a view at these aroma diffusers, there are all suitable for using with essential oils.

aromatherapy humidifiser AN-0419
aromatherapy humidifier AN-0521 aroma diffuser AN-0489 aroma diffuser AN-0433
aromatherapy humidifiser ABNB-1199
aromatherapy humidifier ABNB-1188 aroma diffuser ABNB-1168 aroma diffuser ABNB-0168

Of course, if you don’t want to use aromatherapy, air humidifier is best for you. However, if the humidifier is not used in a right way, potential danger will be incurred. Below are the use instruction for preventing danger during the operation.

  • Potential danger and preventions

    There are abundant of air humidifiers on the market, but the quality varies as the price of the product changes. You can search out a lot of humidifiers on the internet, some of them are branded product while others are not. As for bad quality one, it may give off harmful and toxic objects while spreading mist to the space. There are also potential of electricity-leakage problems. Prevention: purchase branded or certified air humidifier.

  • Electricity or water leakage accident

    If the engine is immersed in water, it will damage the humidifier.

    Keep the air outlet stay dry while pouring water into the tank, and keep the socket out the reach of the kids

  • Large flow of mist will disturb the breathing.
    While adding moisture to house, the surrounding air will be thickened and if you let the vapor directly stream to your face, it may result in breathing problem. Prevention: put the humidifier in a place away from your desk to prevent direct steam vapors.
  • It is of great possibility for the forming of bacteria

    During the operation, the surrounding air becomes warmer and more moisture is gathered around. And it has created an optimal environment for the forming of bacteria. Under such a circumstance, health of human body under threaten.

  • Pains will be caused to arthritis sufferer

    It is unfortunately that arthritis sufferers are not allowed to use air humidifier. Their body are sensitive to humidity, and pains will be caused once the moisture has reached to certain level. Prevention: operate the humidifier at a regular interval and turn off the equipment once the humidity reach the standard.

In order to prevent the accidental problems and keep the air humidifier serve us in the right and efficient way, we should be noticed of its instructions and preventions.

Select Good SPA Aromatherapy Diffuser and the Precautions before SPA

Select Good SPA Aromatherapy Diffuser and the Precautions before SPASPA refers to the use of water combined with bathing, massage, smear skin care products and aroma to promote metabolism, to meet the human body vision, taste, touch, smell and thinking to achieve a kind of physical and mental enjoyment. SPA is a professional beauty therapist, water, light, essential oil, music and other elements of a combination of relief from decompression, can help people reach the body, heart, spirit of the fitness effect.

Using essential oils with diffuser when SPA can get many unexpected benefits such as relaxing, reducing and buffering painful headaches and so on. Well, here are some good selections of SPA aromatherapy diffusers.

Aickar ELF SPA Mist Ultrasonic Diffuser

Aickar  ELF SPA Mist Ultrasonic Diffuser

SPA Ultrasonic Essentail Oil Diffuser 300ml ABNB-1199

SPA Ultrasonic  Essentail Oil Diffuser 300ml ABNB-1199

SPA Room Aroma Mist Diffuser AN-0508-2

SPA Room  Aroma Mist Diffuser AN-0508-2

TIPS for people who suffering from below diseases or during special time
Precautions before SPA hydrotherapy

  1. Heart disease: hydrotherapy is not allowed
  2. High-blood-pressure disease: the water temperature should be keep at normal standard
  3. Low-blood-pressure disease: take care before standing up from the pool
  4. Epilepsy: SPA is not permitted
  5. New wound: avoid doing SPA if possible
  6. Menstruation: pay attention to the stomach part
  7. Pregnancy: SPA is prohibited
  8. Freshmen for SPA: Short the SPA time by 10-15 minutes
  9. Before or after the SPA: Bathing is not allowed one hour before or after the SPA

Aroma Diffuser Is Better Than Air Humidifier?

Aroma DiffsuerStaying in air conditioning house is the most comfortable way for people in hot summer seasons. However, it may cause a lot of problems: dry skin and hair, respiratory diseases, and many other side effects. In order to solve those awkward situations, air humidifier and aroma diffuser are supplied by manufacturers and are very popular among customers. But which one is better?

Actually, we are more familiar with air humidifier, while for aroma diffuser, it is actually a new equipment for most of us. Below, I will make a brief introduction and comparison among the 2 devices. One is Aickar elf aroma diffuser the other one is regular air humidifier.

Aickar elf aroma diffuser



Most of the humidifiers on the market are made of AS and ABS, which can not resist the corrosion of essential oil and only pure water is allowed. While the Aickar elf adopts the high-end anti-corrosion material, meanwhile, it has good resistance to medical corrosion.


Although ultrasonic technology is both applied in humidifier and aroma diffuser. But the great difference lies in the details. For aroma diffuser, the particles can be atomized to nano-grade via vibration while for humidifier the vapor molecules are often bigger. Thus, in moisturizing, aroma diffuser is the winner.


As for humidifier, it is only used for enhancing the humidity of the house. However, aromatherapy diffuser is more versatile. Colorful LED mood light, timing, touchable button, etc. functions are added to the aroma diffuser. What’s more, as to its aromatherapy function, we can remedy mental pressure, relax body or mood.


Essential oil diffuser not only can purify the air but also can alleviate mental pressure and balance the hormones via adding various essential oil. Rosemary is perfect for relieving weary, lemon for skin-whiten, lavender for remitting insomnia.

Aroma diffuser features lower power rate, which is good for the daily budget. We will save a lot of electric charge compares to humidifier.

Normally, air humidifier often has a bigger volume than aroma diffuser, in some situations, it not convenient for carrying with while we are on business trip or journey

Finally, we can make a rough conclusion. Aickar elf aroma diffuser stands out no matter in material, technology, function, or practicality. If you are still hesitating, my suggestion is aromatherapy diffuser.



Card Reader Writer Manufacturer Syncotek Joined 2015 CARTES Successfully

Syncotek joined 2015 CARTES successfully – China Card Reader Writer manufacturer joined 2015 CARTES in Paris, France successfully from Nov. 15th to Nov. 19th. On the CARTES SECURE CONNEXIONS 2015, the staff excellent explanation has got the thumbs up from the visitors, and the excellent products are also attracted many visitors, it is a very exciting sight!

Syncotek joined 2015 CARTES successfully

On the exhibition, Synoctek not only shows many excellent high-tech products, but also successfully launched two new products: Card Issuing Machine SYNCOTEK SK-AD553 and UHF RFID Fixed Reader Syncotek SR-RU-401.

Card Issuing Machine SYNCOTEK SK-AD553

UHF RFID Fixed Reader Syncotek SR-RU-401