2017 Best Selling Aroma Diffusers

Have you found some niche products for your 2017 -2018 market?

Aroma Diffuser is one of the best selling products on the marketing now, and it is also a healthy multi-functional aromatherapy product for people’s daily life. Aroma Diffuser a great niche products for many businesses such as hotel, fitness center, health medical, home living museum, essential oil store and other retail businesses; it is also a hot selling products on Amazon.
I will show you more 2017 best selling and latest design aroma diffusers here.

2017 latest design aroma diffusers

Lamp – 350ml Ultrasonic Aroma Light Diffuser PR-1519

350ml ultrasonic aroma diffuser PR-1519 is in adorable lamp design. It fits in with any décor, used as a decorative piece to create unique scenery. The color changing lights make it beautiful in soft light rooms to suite your moods. Add a drop of your favorite essential oil to give your room a fresh, clean scent, it will fill your space with lovely fragrance. There is no doubt that this 350ml Aroma Diffuser is a perfect gift idea for family and friends.

Lamp – 350ml Ultrasonic Aroma Light Diffuser PR-1519

Pumpkin – 500ml Ultrasonic Wood Essential Oil Diffuser PR-1515

The 500ml Wood Essential Oil Diffuser PR-1515 melds form with functions. Not only can it humidify and freshen indoor air, it makes a beautiful Pumpkin display piece as well. Choose from cyclical or fixed LED lighting modes (or no light at all). Wonderful for home decoration, Halloween decor and party.

Pumpkin - 500ml Ultrasonic Wood Essential Oil Diffuser PR-1515

300ml Remote Control Ultrasonic Ceramic Aroma Diffuser PR-005

With the cool mist and whisper quite feature, Ceramic Aroma Diffuser PR-005 will bring lovely fragrance and Spa like feeling to you, relax yourself from a long day working and sleep better at night. Ceramic makes the diffuser more natural and elegant so that it will fit in with any decor.  It’s also a night light for a kid’s room.

300ml Remote Control Ultrasonic Ceramic Aroma Diffuser PR-005

2017 Hot Selling Aroma Diffusers on Amazon

300ml Aroma Essential Oil Diffuser with Light Wood Grain
400ml Essential Oil Ultrasonic Mist Diffuser for SPA Office
400ml Essential Oil Ultrasonic Mist Diffuser for SPA Office
400ml Ultrasonic Wood Grain Oil Diffuser Aromatherapy for Baby Room Home
400ml Ultrasonic Wood Grain Oil Diffuser for Baby Room Home
300ml Wood Grain Essential Oil Diffuser with Mini Vase Tulip Style for Office

Mini Vase 300ml Wood Grain Essential Oil Diffuse for Office

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Ceramic Essential Oil Diffuser Recommended for Healthy and ECO Friendly Way of Life

Ceramic Essential Oil Diffuser Recommended for Healthy and ECO Friendly Way of Life100ml ceramic essential oil diffuser AN-0517 is a great one for healthy and eco-friendly lifestyle. Made with handmade ceramic, and with luck bottle appearance design, it is incredibly beautiful and luxurious feeling. It will instantly elevate the décor of any space with its incredible visual appeal.

Work with different essential oils, filled your room with health benefiting aroma, the essential oil diffuser ensure you enjoy a more pleasant day, a better sleep at night and scent of a healthier living.

Best things of this Ceramic oil diffuser

    • Luck bottle appearance design – The luck bottle design let people feel lucky and happy.
    • Ceramic material, make diffuser more stable and elegant. Enjoy a ceramic build that’s as pleasant on the eyes as it is to touch.
    • Mist modes:
      • 1st stage–continuous mode:Green light: mist emits continuously automatically turn offs after 3 hours
      • 2nd stage–intervals of 30 seconds mode:Orange light: mist emits at internals of 30 seconds automatically turns off after 6 hours
      • 3rd stage–power off:No light: mist off.
      • Safe – The interior pieces are made of BPA free rubber, which is important especially for use in a diffuser where the plastic comes in contact with water – you don’t want harmful plastic particles to leak into the water that you’re misting into your surrounding air!
      • It’s quiet. Yes, there is a bit of a white noise sound as with all electronic appliances – a soft humming if you so will. It’s actually quite relaxing, and could be perfect for a meditation class or yoga room where you have to focus on the your immediate surroundings – noises being one of the anchors so this unit could actually be a help to some people in your class that might have trouble identifying other noises in the room to hold their focus on.

100ml Ceramic Essential Oil Diffuser with Luck Bottle Design AN-0519 Details

How about the area that it is suitable for?

It will work well in any room of about 250 sq ft.

Where can I use it for?

One Fits All – Whether it is the living room, the bedroom, the corridor, or even that sturdy desk of yours at work, don’t worry about whether or not the Aickar Essential Oil Diffuser will look out of place. Its minimalistic, ceramic-made, and luck bottle design will blend perfectly in any environment you can think of.

100ml Ceramic Essential Oil Diffuser Applications

The ceramic essential oil diffuser is a high-quality, well-designed, stylish and super functional diffuser. It is made out of natural materials, which is nice to have around as a piece of home décor even when the diffuser is not in use. The misting is powerful and quiet, which is always important when trying to fill a room or space with your essential oil aroma of choice.

Take a view at its operations:

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How to Tell the Fake Essential Oil from the Real One

How to Tell the Fake Essential Oil from the Real OneThere are so many kinds of essential oil on the market, and how can we tell the real one from the fake one, here are some tips, and you can take advantage of it to make a good shopping experience.

  • PricePlant essential oil is extracted via distillation, usually it takes 100 kilograms flowers or grasses to extract 2-3 kilograms essential oil, so, it often cost more to get the pure essential oil in the same volume. And, I suggest that customer buy essential oil from standard shopping mall or professional beauty institutions.
  • ApplicationExcept the rose, tea tree, lavender and certain essential oil, most of them can not be wipe on you skin directly, otherwise, it will cause cauma and decrustation. If the sales man tell you that the essential oil can be directly used on skin, and tell you it is pure essential oil, then something maybe wrong
  • SmellMost of the pure essential oil own a soft and pure fragrance due to it is extracted from plants, after the smell it will extend your mind and enrich your imagination. However, the fake one features a pungent smell and it is definitely harmful to human body
  • TestGet a bottle of water and add one drop of essential oil into it, then wait and stay noticed. Pure essential oil will volatilize quickly and no remain left, while the fake one presents opposite result.
  • PackageEssential oil usually will be stored in dark color glass bottle with a special lid which is resistant to strong acid and strong base. Such a package can prevent the sunlight and oxygen from leaking in, and make the essential oil stay fresh. If you see a bottle of essential oil with a water dropper shaped upper lid in a store, then it in a large extent this one has been diluted.
  • ColorFor example, chamomile essential oil is often in dark blue and has a strong smell, if you buy a bottle of essential oil in transparent, then it undoubtedly is fake.
  • AbsorptionThe more purer the essential oil is the more penetration capability. Premium essential oil will be took in by the skin immediately and no oil remains
  • Planting areaThe quality of the essential oil varies from different temperature, humidity, soil and so on conditions, so it is a simple way to check the essential oil.

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Waterless Essential Oil Diffuser for True Therapeutic & Health

Want to enjoy true therapeutic benefits of essential oils at home, office, and even car when travelling? Well, today, we will introduce one waterless aromatherapy diffusers for essential oils, for providing more aroma and more true therapeutic & health benefits.

Waterless Essential Oil Diffuser AN-S062

AN-S062 car essential oil diffuser comes with compact design and USB port, coated with woodgrain, the stylish design blends perfectly with every decor e.g. bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, coffee table, office, spa, car, etc.

Waterless Essential Oil Diffuser AN-S062 Features:

Mini size – It has mini size, you can move it around your house, throw it in a bag, place it in your car.

No water, no heat. – So oils are not broken down or degraded, the mist released is actual micro-droplets of pure essential oil.

USB Port for Car – It fits perfectly to any vehicle and produces aromatherapy when using essential oils, it will envelop your surroundings effectively with the essential oil you chose.

Mini Waterless Essential Oil Diffuser Suggested for Car Home and SPA

Car Aroma Diffuser AN-S062 Technical Specifications

1. Especially for essential oil.

2. Auto power-off, if essential oil is run out.

3. Voltage: DC5V 1A

4. Capacity: 10-30ml

5. Ultrasonic frequency: 3 MHz

6. Power: About 3W

7. Max Time: 8 hours

8. Scent: 0.5ml./hour

9. Weight: 0.5KG

10. Raw material: PP, ABS

11. Suitable for vehicle-mounted.

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Gift for Mom – Aroma Humidifier Aickar AN-1618

Mother’s Day will come soon, I think this is a good day for promotions. Today, I will introduce one aroma diffuser humidifier as gift for Moms. The aroma humidifier AN-1618 is also a minimalist gadget for home décor, great for Mom, fill her home with style.

1.5L Essential Oil Diffuser Aromatherapy Humidifier Diffuser AN-1618

Features of aroma humidifier AN-1618:

1. 1.5L Best Oil Diffuser for Larger Room

1.5L Large capacity premium essential oil diffuser for large room, you can enjoy up to 10 hours of purified air. With auto power off when water runs out function to protect the device. Good diffuser humidifier for home use, ultrasonic cool mist humidifiers runs 20 to 30 hours of continuous operation (depending on mist control setting).

2. Comprehensive mist modes

Easily adjust mist output in any direction. The one control knob design can be controlled to any mist level you desire. Set the perfect mist out for any season and any room size.

Aroma Diffuser AN-1618 Mist Modes

3. Whisper-quite ultrasonic technology & Night light function

Sleep well into the night as the humidifier quiet disperses mist while the built-in night light helps lull you into a serene slumber. Use it while sleeping with no disruptions, making it perfect for your baby’s room as well!

Aroma Humidifier AN-1618 - Use it while sleeping with no disruptions

4. 7 Changing mood lights

7 colors will change continuously from the rim of the lower body of the oil diffuser, which is illuminated by 3 LED lights. And you can set it to one fixed color. Each color has two light options: dim and brighter. Press the button for 3 seconds, light turn off.

Specifications of Aroma Humidifier AN-1618:

1. Model: AN-1618

2. Power supply: AC 100-240V

3. Power: Approx 23-27W

4.Water sink capacity: 1.5L

5. Power line length: 1.8M safety plug with power cord

6. Weight: 1.15KG

7. Ultrasonic Frequency: 1.7MHz

8. Mist output: 100-150ML/H

9. LED Light: 3 Pcs(7 Colorful)

10. Size: 14.5*14.5*24.1CM

11. Raw Material: PP/ABS/PC

The Aickar AN-1618 1500ml Night-light Aroma Diffuser Humidifier integrating functions of night-light, air humidifier and aroma diffuser will give you a relaxing, comfortable and joyful life. It is also a good gift choice for Moms.

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How to Take Care of Your Skin Via Essential Oils

Using Essential Oils to Take Care of Your SkinAroma essential oil is popular among girls, there are a lot of cosmetics which includes essential oil ingredient. And essential oil are wildly applied in mental and body therapy. Now, I am going to tell the easiest way to use essential oil for skin care.

Essential oil extracted from the flower, leave, rhizome or fruit, and through distillation, squeezing and pressing, cold-maceration, solvent extraction method. You should not use the non non-dilute essential oil directly. The essential oil features impact the temperature and prevent the illness, so we can take advantage of those functionalities to keep a healthy life.

Use essential oil with Aickar ELF Aroma Diffuser for Skin Care

Essential oil is easy for volatilizing, and its molecule are very tiny, it is very easy for body absorption and it can penetrate to the organ. Meanwhile, the aroma of the essential oil will stimulate the pituitary gland, enzymes and secretion of hormones to balance the body.

Using Essential Oils to Take Care of Your Skin

Several common essential oils:

Rose – the queen of the flower

Body therapy – balances secretion of hormones, regulates menstruation and adjuvant therapy for infection of urogenital system and frigidity

Skin care – suit for all kinds of skin


Body therapy: resists virus, sterilizes, prevents mosquitos, and relieve the muscular soreness and insomnia

Skin care – promotes the cytothesis, balances the sebum secretion and reduces ace and stain


Body therapy: alleviate sore throat, cough, and flu. Boost the blood circulation and promote digestion

Skin care: restrain the secretion of the skin oil, ameliorate the skin

Essential oil for effectively tighten eye pouch

You should be mentioned that only the specialized essential oil can be daub to your eye pouch. And you should dilute the essential oil (lavender is good for relieving black eye).

For removing pimples

You can add 1 drop of needle juniper and chamomile into 10ml grape-kernel oil, wipe the oil and then massage your facial skin to diminish inflammation.

You can freely adjust the proportion of the essential oil to achieve the therapeutic function.

Tips: it will be better if you massage your body with the essential oil after the shower.

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Aickar also develops aroma diffuser, if you guys need, welcome to Aickar.com wholesale essential oil diffusers. Free sample and professional service are waiting for you!

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Innovative Aroma Diffuser Aickar ELF

 Aickar ELF essential oil diffuser with air humidifier function

Are you bored with the air purifiers on the market due to the semblable appearance. Apart from its practical functionalities, most of them are too ordinary to attract your attention.

Lately a beautiful and decorative air purifier surprises air aroma diffuser lovers. Inspired by the teardrop, the aroma diffuser is designed according to the features of the transparent. And add essential oils to the tank, so it can purify the air and with aromatherapy effect. The design greatly combines aesthetic elements and versatile functions into one.


The aroma will be dispersed via the little air outlets, and the spreading speed of the fragrance can be control via the touchkey.

What’s more, the upper, funnel-shaped lid is easily detachable, allowing for convenient and safe water pouring into the container, while also eliminating splashes and spillages.

Artisitc Transparent Teardrop Design Diffuser

Most importantly, unlike any other essential oil diffuser/humidifier, the Aickar ELF allows you to actually see the oils vaporize, as they turn into that gorgeous mist, leave the clear shell and waft into the room, and will brighten enhance the whole decoration.

Innovative Aroma Diffuser Aickar ELF

If you are looking for air humidifier which stands out in appearance, may be this ELF one is your best choice.

Now this great gadget is launched on Indiegogo, go to get your own one now.

Aickar ELF on Indiegogo