Can Humidifier Be Used As Aromatherapy Diffuser?

Can humidifier be used as aroma diffuser? Many of us do not like dry climate, because it will cause uncomfortable impact to respiratory system. And that is the reason why we choose air humidifier.

Most humidifiers in the marketplace cannot be used with essential oils. Some of those units can damage the plastic components of the device, essential oils only work with special materials PP, ABS, PC. So if you want to find a humidifier that can also work with essential oils, it should be an essential oil diffuser or aroma diffuser. Take a view at these aroma diffusers, there are all suitable for using with essential oils.

aromatherapy humidifiser AN-0419
aromatherapy humidifier AN-0521 aroma diffuser AN-0489 aroma diffuser AN-0433
aromatherapy humidifiser ABNB-1199
aromatherapy humidifier ABNB-1188 aroma diffuser ABNB-1168 aroma diffuser ABNB-0168

Of course, if you don’t want to use aromatherapy, air humidifier is best for you. However, if the humidifier is not used in a right way, potential danger will be incurred. Below are the use instruction for preventing danger during the operation.

  • Potential danger and preventions

    There are abundant of air humidifiers on the market, but the quality varies as the price of the product changes. You can search out a lot of humidifiers on the internet, some of them are branded product while others are not. As for bad quality one, it may give off harmful and toxic objects while spreading mist to the space. There are also potential of electricity-leakage problems. Prevention: purchase branded or certified air humidifier.

  • Electricity or water leakage accident

    If the engine is immersed in water, it will damage the humidifier.

    Keep the air outlet stay dry while pouring water into the tank, and keep the socket out the reach of the kids

  • Large flow of mist will disturb the breathing.
    While adding moisture to house, the surrounding air will be thickened and if you let the vapor directly stream to your face, it may result in breathing problem. Prevention: put the humidifier in a place away from your desk to prevent direct steam vapors.
  • It is of great possibility for the forming of bacteria

    During the operation, the surrounding air becomes warmer and more moisture is gathered around. And it has created an optimal environment for the forming of bacteria. Under such a circumstance, health of human body under threaten.

  • Pains will be caused to arthritis sufferer

    It is unfortunately that arthritis sufferers are not allowed to use air humidifier. Their body are sensitive to humidity, and pains will be caused once the moisture has reached to certain level. Prevention: operate the humidifier at a regular interval and turn off the equipment once the humidity reach the standard.

In order to prevent the accidental problems and keep the air humidifier serve us in the right and efficient way, we should be noticed of its instructions and preventions.


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