Aroma Diffuser Is Better Than Air Humidifier?

Aroma DiffsuerStaying in air conditioning house is the most comfortable way for people in hot summer seasons. However, it may cause a lot of problems: dry skin and hair, respiratory diseases, and many other side effects. In order to solve those awkward situations, air humidifier and aroma diffuser are supplied by manufacturers and are very popular among customers. But which one is better?

Actually, we are more familiar with air humidifier, while for aroma diffuser, it is actually a new equipment for most of us. Below, I will make a brief introduction and comparison among the 2 devices. One is Aickar elf aroma diffuser the other one is regular air humidifier.

Aickar elf aroma diffuser



Most of the humidifiers on the market are made of AS and ABS, which can not resist the corrosion of essential oil and only pure water is allowed. While the Aickar elf adopts the high-end anti-corrosion material, meanwhile, it has good resistance to medical corrosion.


Although ultrasonic technology is both applied in humidifier and aroma diffuser. But the great difference lies in the details. For aroma diffuser, the particles can be atomized to nano-grade via vibration while for humidifier the vapor molecules are often bigger. Thus, in moisturizing, aroma diffuser is the winner.


As for humidifier, it is only used for enhancing the humidity of the house. However, aromatherapy diffuser is more versatile. Colorful LED mood light, timing, touchable button, etc. functions are added to the aroma diffuser. What’s more, as to its aromatherapy function, we can remedy mental pressure, relax body or mood.


Essential oil diffuser not only can purify the air but also can alleviate mental pressure and balance the hormones via adding various essential oil. Rosemary is perfect for relieving weary, lemon for skin-whiten, lavender for remitting insomnia.

Aroma diffuser features lower power rate, which is good for the daily budget. We will save a lot of electric charge compares to humidifier.

Normally, air humidifier often has a bigger volume than aroma diffuser, in some situations, it not convenient for carrying with while we are on business trip or journey

Finally, we can make a rough conclusion. Aickar elf aroma diffuser stands out no matter in material, technology, function, or practicality. If you are still hesitating, my suggestion is aromatherapy diffuser.




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