Aroma Diffuser Aickar Bamboo Shoot Series ABNB-1188 is a Great Healthy Christmas Gift for Lovers

How time flies, Christmas day is also getting closer. So what are you going to prepare for your lover? Have not thought yet? Take a look at my Christmas gift ideas. How about a unique and healthy gift?

In the past years, I always send out many common gifts include chocolates, flowers, perfumes.

This year, I want to give some unique and healthy gifts to my lover, family and friends. One item is caught my attention – The Aickar Bamboo Shoot Series ABNB-1188. It is a great healthy and green gift for Christmas. It is an aroma diffuser that vaporizes water and essential oil instantly, produce a cool, dry fragrant mist to refresh and moisturize air in rooms.

Relief your spirit, mind and body with aromatherapy. The 300ml essential oil diffuser ABNB-1188 does not heat the liquid, so ingredients are preserved and become part of the vapor. Filled your room with health benefiting aroma, the essential oil diffuser ensure you enjoy a more pleasant day, a better sleep at night and scent of a healthier living.

Aroma Diffuser Aickar ABNB-1188 Let you have a Healthier Living

If your lover also likes SPA, I think the SPA Room aroma mist diffuser ABNB-1188 is a good gift choice for your reference.

SPA Room Aroma Mist Diffuser ABNB-1188 is a  Great Healthy Christmas Gift for Lovers

Features of Aickar Bamboo Shoot Series ABNB-1188:

  • Gifting and Decoration – The cute Lovely egg “tumbler” model design is inspired by the beauty of nature. It is also a great decoration to create a romantic and relaxing atmosphere that surrounded by nature fragrance for you and the one you love. This decorative piece can be easily fitted to any living space such as bedroom, living room, yoga room, and office.

    Aickar ABNB-1188 - Relaxing, Comfortable and Joyful Life

  • 7 Changing mood lights – The ultrasonic aromatherapy oil diffuser has 4 selectable timer settings 1hr/3hr/6hr/on with adjustable high and low mist volume. 7 colors will change continuously from the rim of the lower body of the oil diffuser, which is illuminated by 5 LED lights. Color can be paused of your preference with 2 brightness options bright/dim to better suit the surroundings.
  • Auto shut off – The aromatherapy oil diffuser automatically shuts off when there is no sufficient water, and works as a small size humidifier without essential oil to moisturize and purify the air in the living space. With few drops of essential oil, the room will be filled with fragrance, and creates an atmosphere of relaxation.
  • Large capacity – This beautiful ultrasonic aromatherapy oil diffuser with 300mL large water capacity can spread mist up to 10 hours. It will save your time of refilling.

Benefits of Aroma Diffuser Aickar ABNB-1188

It is also a good Xmas gift for family and friends, Aickar ABNB-1188 can help you to give them a healthier living surroundings, I think this is the best gift they will received this year.

Aroma Diffuser Aickar ABNB-1188 for Yoga

Aickar Sales Team is specializing in designing and developing innovative aroma diffusers. Welcome to wholesale essential oils and aroma diffusers.

Aickar team is here for help all the time, pls come. We will offer you fashion sample and best service.


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