Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser Reviews

There are many different diffusers on the market like heating, combustion. But ultrasonic aroma diffuser is different from them. It use high-frequency ultrasonic vibration physical principles to distribute 100% of the active ingredient of essential oils. You chttps://i0.wp.com/www.aickar.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/andiffuser-aroma-diffuser-banner1-1.jpegan feel the wonderful effect of aromatherapy, and essential oil remains in the air for long time. Which is more healthy and environmental.

Here is some reasons for why you should choose ultrasonic aroma diffuser.

  1. Using 1.7 million times per second of high-frequency ultrasonic vibration physical principle to break down oil molecules into fine particles of micron size. It fully remain natural ingredients of essential oils to distribute 100% of the active ingredient, and more easily absorbed by the body and skin, which make aromatherapy better.
  2. Increasing air humidity by distributing fine mist particles, which can be nourishing the skin and helps to speed up the body metabolism.
  3. Generating a large amount of “air vita peptide” called the anion. It can help purify the air, improve air quality, relieve stress, improve heart and lung function, prevent pollution and eliminate secondhand smoke odor.

After talking about these, we think you know better about ultrasonic aroma diffuser, and choose the right diffuser for your good health and better life.


Lately, Aickar team develop new ultrasonic aroma diffuser – Aickar Bamboo Shoots Series, which got great popularity on America ASD trade shows. This new diffuser don’t show up on the market at present, and we applyed many patents for USA and Europe country.

Aroma Diffuser – Aickar Bamboo Shoots Series

Aroma Diffuser – Aickar Bamboo Shoots Series
We are seeking impoter, distributor and regional agent for new diffuser, if you are interested in, pls contact us.

Email: sales@aickar.com | info@aickar.com

Skype: an.diffuser

Website: http://www.aickar.com/


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