How to Improve Hotel Business – Enhance Guest Experience in Your Hotel

Hotel aroma — Sensory Marketing is a kind of marketing model, which using the human senses of sight, hearing, touch, taste and smell to create consumers perception experience, and then to mobilize their desire to buy. Scent marketing is tempting to taste and human emotion in a scene sales.

How to Improve Hotel Business – Enhance Guest Experience in Your Hotel

At present, promotions and discounts are more common traditional model on the marketing competition. The appearance of scent marketing states that everyone want to find a way to create breakthrough new model.

Why hotel use aroma diffuser?

  1. New services to achieve differentiation
  2. Hardware configuration to increase room rates
  3. Improve air quality and environment atmosphere
  4. Enhance customer satisfaction, customer return rate, word of month
  5. High quality improve sales, enhance brand value

use aroma diffuser in hotel

What does aroma diffuser can do for hotel?
Enhance the enjoyment of “five senses” sight, hearing, touch, taste and smell

Why choose Aickar aroma diffuser?
Aickar team is one of leading supplier of aroma diffuser. Over 10 years OEM&ODM experience, has established the business relationship for over 300 customers in the world, especially for North America and Europe. We will offer:

  1. 2 years guarantee of items
  2. Best quality with competitive price and special design
  3. Professional and best after sell service
  4. Our aroma diffuser can pass the testings as you required, eg: CE, RoHS, ETL, GS, PSE, etc.
  5. 10 year OEM&ODM experience

Choose Aickar aroma diffuser

Why should use aroma diffuser in hotel?

Five-star hotel should not be in a fragrance, no matter where to go, many hotels belong to a specific fragrance of hotel. But for clients, this fragrance is what they like? This fragrance is suitable for using in bedroom, dining room and conference room? Obviously not, customers need personalized options, they need to change the fragrance according to different occasions. Meeting needs refreshing lemon, sleeping needs relaxed lavender and comfortable rose flavor.

use aroma diffuser -  Enhance Guest Experience in Your Hotel

Aickar can help you to build characteristic five-star hotel. Different essential oils create different atmosphere, which make customers feel at home. Consequently enhance the quality of international fashion and promote customer satisfaction.

Aickar team is here for help all the time, pls come. We will offer you fashion sample and best service.
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Skype: an.diffuser



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