The 2016 Summer Olympics – All of Joy

The 2016 Summer Olympics is continuing, today I’m very glad to talk about some respectable and cute people in this game: Fu Xu Lijia, Yuanhui.

Xu Lijia(徐莉佳) – is a Chinese sailboat racer who won a bronze medal in women’s Laser Radial class at the 2008 Summer Olympics and a gold medal in the same event at the 2012 Summer Olympics. I like her very much in this year’s Olympic Games, let’s review her performance. Sailboat race, Chinese Xu Lijia has been ranked first, but for some reason, was sentenced to cancel the second round scores, ranking dropped to 23. She said on her weibo about this: A little sad, but we must accept the fact. I can do now is taking my best extremely to play the game in the later five days. Do my best to complete the game, Even if fall, it is full of joy.

August 9, Xu Lijia played well after the fourth round, she returned a total score of the first list. Awesome! She is an honorable people that can also be so calm and rational in front of the honour of the Olympic Games.

Fu Yuanhui (傅园慧) – is a Chinese competitive swimmer and backstroke specialist. She won a bronze in Rio but it is her cheerful and engaging interviews that have made her an internet superstar with millions of new fans. “Whoooaah! I was so fast!”  “I didn’t hold back…I used all of my mystic energy!”

This cute girl was loved by all Chinese people because of her “honghuangzhili” – mystic energy or prehistorical power. Her optimism infected everyone. She gave us a special good philosophy of life: serious work and enjoy life, even enjoy your job.


“I have completely fallen in love with you,” said one commenter on Weibo. She is so popular that I think she give us joy and she also share a simple and relax lifestyle to us.

Share simple and relax lifestyle – just what we also do. The mission of Aickar aroma diffuser is to share with you a simple, beautiful, sustainable lifestyle.

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