Parking Management System

Used for where parking fee collection is needed, like Malls, Residential Apartments, Offices and Hospitals, etc. Card reader manufacturer Syncotek also provides many different kinds products such as card reader writer, card collector, long range RFID reader, thermal printer for parking lot systems.


Entrance Operation

When the Vehicle (Car/ Bus ect.) comes on the Loop, the Loop Detector senses the Vehicle& the Entrance System is ready to dispense Paper ticket (or RFID card), on pressing the Ticket/ Card dispenser Button. Paper Ticket (or RFID Card) comes out. The LED Display & Speaker is active. The Boom Barrier at the Entrance opens. Picture of the Vehicle is taken. When the Vehicle leaves the Loop, the Loop detector sense & close the Boom Barrier.

Exit Operation

When the Vehicle reaches the loop at the Exit gate, the Loop Detector senses the Vehicle & the Exit System is ready. The system operator sitting with PC System in Management Center reads the Paper Ticket (or RFID Card) with canner or Card Reader, the computer screen displays the type of Vehicle, it’s photo, the amount of Parking Fee & ask the operator to take Vehicle photo & Parking Fee, after this, it prints the Parking Fee Bill, the Boom Barrier at the Exit Gate open. When the Vehicle leaves the Loop, Loop Detector senses the Vehicle departure & close the Boom Barrier.

Syncotek is one card reader manufacturer in China, you can find many different types of  card reader , RFID reader ,  thermal printer. The products can be widely deployed in industries of finance, mobile-payment, telecommunication, logistics, custom, insurance, transportation and government business.
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